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Providing the highest quality paint protection film, ceramic coating and car detailing services in the Chicagoland area.

About Us

The Final Detail is a premium auto detailing service located in Glenview, just outside of Chicago, specializing in Interior and exterior detailing, paint correction, Ceramic Pro coatings and odor removal services.  Our three step detailing process, Correct – Perfect – Protect, will have the interior and exterior of your vehicle looking brand new again.

We are open Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm and Saturday from 10am – 5pm.  Stop by our front office at 2010 Lehigh Ave, Unit B in Glenview, Il to get a free quote.

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The highest quality paint protection film in Chicago.  Offering DYNOshield, DYNOmatte, DYNOmight and a wide selection of Fashion Films


Chicagoland’s trusted automotive Ceramic Pro and Gtechniq ceramic coating installers


The Final Detail offers premium interior detailing, disaster detailing and odor removal services in Glenview


The Final Detail offers premium hand washes, exterior details, paint corrections and ceramic coatings in Glenview


Chicago’s best automotive paint correction, scratch removal and touchup paint shop


Glenview’s best automotive interior and exterior detailing services

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electric bmw protected with tesla ppf and ceramic coating

Tesla ceramic coatings and EV PPF

Making sure you protect your Tesla or EV with a Tesla ceramic coating or paint protection film is vital when it comes to keeping your vehicle looking brand new.  Check out some of the Tesla ceramic coatings and electric vehicle PPF installations our team at The Final Detail has completed, and learn why a ceramic coating is necessary for your Tesla!

ozone generator, odor removal near me, odor removal

What is ozone treatment?

Removing heavy smoke odors from your vehicle can be extremely challenging without the proper equipment.  Ozone generators are a type of air purification system that produces ozone.  So, how does it work?  First, oxygen molecules are broken apart and become single atoms.  They then combine with other single atoms and create ozone.  Since ozone is harmful to living things, your vehicle must be isolated when the ozone treatment is taking place.

With our combination of heated carpet extractors, steam cleaners and professional grade ozone generators, we will have your vehicle looking, feeling and smelling like new in no time!


Does GlassParency really work?

Yes it does!  GlassParency is an extremely durable glass coating that can be applied to your vehicle’s windows and windshield.  While brands like Rain-X only last 3 months, GlassParency coatings will hold up for 3 years!  Because GlassParency is so hydrophobic, driving in inclement weather and removing ice is simple and easy.

Check out GlassParency’s video!

ceramic coatings, paint protection, car paint protection

Waxes, Paint Sealants, Ceramic Coatings... How do I know what's right for me?

The detailing and paint protection industry has grown tremendously in recent years, we now have hundreds of carnauba waxes, paint sealants and ceramic coatings to choose from, but how do we know which one is the right choice?…

hard water spots, chemical etching, water spots

What is water/chemical etching?

Water spots and water etching are a pain, and if left untreated it could cause permanent damage to your car’s paint.

Learn more about the causes of water and chemical etching as well as how to protect your vehicle from permanent damage below!

hard water spots, chemical etching, water spots

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Yes! We specialize in heavy odor removal and disaster detailing. Cigarettes, gasoline spills and more!  Reach out to us via our online form or email us at [email protected] for a free quote.


Click HERE to learn more about smoke odor removal in Glenview, Illinois.

We believe every vehicle should have a ceramic coating or some form of protection on it.  Keeping your vehicle clean and protected helps hold your vehicle's value later down the road.  Contact us through our online form or email us at [email protected] to see what ceramic coating package is the best choice for your vehicle.


Click HERE to learn more about professional ceramic coatings in Glenview, Illinois.

We understand life can get busy, let us know about any time constraints and we will work with you to get the job completed in time.  Many Gtechniq ceramic coating packages can be completed in 1-2 days.

Depending on the size and condition of your vehicle, interior details can take anywhere from 1/2 a day to 4 full days.  Most interior details are completed the same day.


Click HERE to view our interior detailing packages in Glenview, Illinois.

Although we do not require you to get a paint correction before PPF and ceramic coating, we highly recommend it.  A paint enhancement or correction will level out the surfaces, helping the film and coating properly stick, giving you a beautiful finish and longer term protection.  Once the film or coating is applied, the only way to go back and correct the paint is to remove the film or coating.


Click HERE to learn more about our paint correction services in Glenview, Illinois.

Yes we do.  We can pick up and drop off your vehicle, depending on how far you are located, there may be additional charges.

We do not use Rain X on any of our projects.  If you are looking for long term glass protection and hydrophobics, we offer Glassparency 3 year window coatings and Ceramic Pro window coatings.


Click HERE to learn more about GlassParency automotive window coatings in Glenview, Illinois.


Yes we can!  We have a selection of different coatings dedicated to single stage paint.  Contact us through our website form or email us at [email protected] for more information and pricing.

Our self healing ceramic coatings offer incredible protection and gloss compared to traditional ceramic coatings.  These coatings are made with silicon and offer incredible self healing properties much like paint protection film.

Yes we can!  Our permanent headlight restoration services will remove oxidation and bring back clarity in your cars headlights.  Click HERE to learn more about headlight restoration in Glenview, Illinois.