The best paint correction, scratch removal and touch up paint services in Glenview


Paint Enhancement

  • Complete exterior detail
  • Single step paint enhancement
  • 3 month sealant applied to paint, glass and wheels
  • Removes 50%-60% of paint defects


Prices starting at

Small – $400    Mid size – $500     Full size – $600

Paint Correction

  •  Complete exterior detail
  • Multi stage paint correction
  • 3 month sealant applied to paint, glass and wheels
  • Removes 90%-95% of paint defects

Prices starting at

Small – $700    Mid size – $800     Full size – $900

Scratch Removal / Touchup paint

For specific scratch removal, paint transfer removal and touchup paint services we will need to see your vehicle to give you a quote.  Please give us a call, submit a form or visit us at 2010 Lehigh Ave, Unit B in Glenview for a quote.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction, scratch removal, touchup paint, buffing, what’s the difference?  First you need to understand that in most cases the paint on your vehicle is made up of 3 layers, primer, basecoat and clearcoat.  Every time you touch, wipe or bump into your vehicle, you are creating swirling, scratching hazing in the clear coat.  Automatic car washes and improper wash techniques are some of the worst things you can do to your vehicle’s paint.

Paint correction, also known as buffing and polishing, removes a top layer of your vehicle’s clearcoat to remove imperfections and bring back a smooth, defect free finish.  Scratch removal and touchup paint services are aimed at removing scratches in specific areas of the vehicle, filling rock chips and removing very noticeable defects in the paint. 

Our team of paint correction specialists will inspect your vehicle’s paint and talk to you about which packages suit you best.  

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Do I need paint correction?

If you want your vehicle to look it’s best, you need a swirl, scratch and haze free finish.  Although we don’t require a paint correction before any ceramic coating or paint protection film services, we strongly encourage everyone to get one.  If your vehicle has heavy swirling and scratching, the ceramic coating will not last as long as it would on a smooth painted surface.  Even brand new vehicles from the dealership have imperfections that need to be addressed.  

A breakdown of your vehicle's paint

Most of the time your vehicle’s paint is made up of three layers, primer, basecoat and clearcoat.  When something comes in contact with your vehicle’s paint, like a towel or your hand, it is creating small scratching and swirling in your vehicle’s clearcoat.  Over time as more scratching, swirls and haze appear in the vehicle’s clearcoat, the more faded and dull the color will seem.  By carefully sanding down and polishing the vehicle’s clearcoat, we will receive a smooth, defect free, high gloss finish that is ready for a Ceramic Pro or Gtechniq ceramic coating.

paint correction, scratch removal near me, buffing near me, The Final Detail

Yes we can!  Any scratches that are through the paint can be fixed using touchup paint and wet sanding.  We will make touch up paint that matches your vehicle's paint perfectly.

All exterior detailing and paint correction packages include a 3 month sealant, although we highly recommend upgrading to a ceramic coating or paint protection film.

Yes we can!  Please let us know your vehicle has single stage paint when scheduling and we will talk to you about different options for your vehicle!