The best automotive package details, smoke odor removal and interior protection in Glenview, Illinois


Maintenance Package

Keeping your vehicle clean doesn’t need to be hard.  With our basic package you can ensure both the interior and exterior of your vehicle always look the best!

2-4 hours

– Complete interior vacuum 

– Complete interior wipe down

– All crevices, cracks and hard to reach areas are cleaned with compressed air and brushes

– Carpet mats are shampooed

– Rubber mats cleaned

– Windows cleaned

– Exterior two bucket, swirl free, hand wash

– Wheels and wheel wells cleaned

– 3 month sealant applied to paint


Prices starting at

Sedan – $130     SUV – $150     XLSUV – $170

(This package is only available after a complete detail)

Complete Detail

Our “Complete Detail” package focuses in on heavy staining, dirt and general filth, bringing your vehicle’s interior and exterior back to life. 

 1-2 days

– Everything from our “Maintenance Package”

– All carpets shampooed 

– Headliner cleaned

– PH neutral leather conditioner applied

– Plastic conditioner applied

– Paint, wheels and windows clay barred

– Iron, tar and sap decontamination

– One step polish

– 3 month sealant applied

Prices starting at

Sedan – $380     SUV – $480     XLSUV – $540

enhancement detail

Our “Enhancement Detail” Package brings the  interior of your vehicle back to life as well as removing swirls, haze and scratches from your vehicle’s paint.  

2-3 days

– Everything from our “Complete Detail” package

– Seats removed

– Trim removed as needed

– Light odor removal

– Engine bay detail

– Single step paint enhancement

– Removes 50%-60% of swirling and scratching in the paint

– 6 month sealant applied

Prices starting at

Sedan – $750     SUV – $820     XLSUV – $890

Which package is right for you?

We have three package detailing levels, our “Maintenance Package” , “Complete Detail” Package and our “Enhancement Detail” Package.  Our “Maintenance Package” is our starting package and was designed to help you keep your vehicle in its best shape after our interior detailing or larger package detailing services.  

If you are looking for a no corners cut detail, then our “Complete Detail” and “Enhancement Detail” are for you!

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Smoke Odor Removal

Our smoke odor removal service will completely transform your vehicle’s interior.  When you smoke inside your vehicle, ash finds it’s way into small areas and vents while heavy odors get trapped in your headliner, carpets and seats.  

Instead of just covering up the smell, we focus on eliminating the source of the odor.  Using heavy detailing, carpet shampooing, headliner steaming and ozone treatment, we are able to completely eliminate heavy vehicle odors.

Interior and Exterior Protection

After our package details we always recommend adding some form of protection to help keep your vehicle clean.  Our Gtechniq and Ceramic Pro interior and exterior coatings offer incredible durability and protection against day to day activities.  

Our Interior coatings form a barrier between your vehicle’s leather, plastic and fabric.  Due to it’s extremely hydrophobic properties, water, coffee and other liquids roll right off fabric seats and carpets, saving you the head ache of stains and odors.  

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