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The Final Detail is Glenview's #1 hand car wash

The Final Detail offers premium hand wash and exterior detailing packages in Glenview.  Every vehicle that comes in for a hand wash receives they same quality, care and attention as the last.  Your wheels, wheel wells and door jambs are always included.  Fresh towels and The Two Bucket Method are ALWAYS used to ensure a scratch and swirl free wash.  At the end of your premium hand wash, a 3 month sealant is applied for added paint protection and gloss.

How can I get a FREE hand car wash?

If you stop by our shop, located at 2010 Lehigh Ave, Unit B, in Glenview, Illinois, you can grab a free punch card.  When you buy 9 hand washes or any other service you get a free premium hand wash!

Equally, refer a friend for a detail or ceramic coating that books, and receive a free premium hand wash!

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What is the two bucket method?

The two bucket method is a vehicle hand wash technique that ensures a scratch and swirl free wash.  Learn more about hand car washes and the two bucket method HERE.

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Contact The Final Detail Chicago

If you are looking for premier paint protect services and would like to schedule an interior / exterior detail or ceramic coating in Glenview, Illinois you can contact The Final Detail at the information below.

2000 Lehigh Ave, Unit H, Glenview, Illinois, 60026


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