The Final Detail offers professional and permanent headlight restoration services in Glenview, Illinois.

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Do I need headlight restoration?

Over time, headlight can become scratched, hazy and rough, making it hard to see the light at night time and giving your vehicle an old, faded look.

Just like your vehicle’s paint, your head lights have clear coat on them.  Your headlight’s clear coat will eventually become oxidized and faded and it will look like there is rough, hazy film on top of the headlights.  

If you notice that your car’s headlights are faded and no longer look crystal clear, it may be time for a headlight restoration at The Final Detail in Glenview, Illinois.

How does permanenet headlight restoration work?

- Start sanding with 800 grit wet sanding paper

We start wet sanding with a rough 800 grit piece of wet sanding sand paper.  This initial wet sanding round focuses on removing heavy oxidation from the headlights.

- Sand headlights with 1000 grit sand paper

This next step starts to remove heavy sanding marks from the headlights and removes any left over oxidation that wasn’t removed during the first step.

- Sand headlights with 1500 grit sand paper

This third step is removing sanding marks that are left behind from 1000 grit wet sanding.

- Sand headlights with 2500 grit sand paper

As we get to 2500 grit sand paper, we will start to see more clarity in the headlights and they will start to feel very smooth.

- Sand headlights with 3000 grit sand paper

3000 grit is our final sanding step, we are removing any left over sanding marks from the 2500 grit sand paper.

- Compound / buff the headlights

Once the headlights have been wet sanded, we use a Rupes polisher with heavy cutting compound and cutting disks to remove all the left over sanding marks.

- Polish the headlights

We then use a fine polishing pad and polish to remove any left over buffing haze and bring back the clarity in the headlights.

- Add long term protection

Because we just removed some protective clear coat from the headlights, we need to re-protect them.  We apply a 5 year Ceramic Pro coating to keep them protected and looking their best for years to come!

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Headlight Restoration

Prices starting at
$ 60 per headlight
  • Multi stage wet sanding and polishing
  • Ceramic Pro coating on headlights
professional detailing and paint protection film

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