Paint protection and ceramic coatings for Teslas and EVs

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Make sure to protect your new electric vehicle

Electric vehicles, specifically Teslas, have flooded the streets in the last few years.  It seems like every day we see a new, futuristic looking vehicle on the road, and  chances are you drive a Tesla to work or just got your first electric vehicle.

Although we see these electric vehicles almost everywhere, they aren’t cheap, which is why making sure you maintain the value of your Model X, Model S or Lucid Air is extremely important.  A ceramic coating is a fantastic way to add long term protection, hydrophobics and gloss to your brand new electric vehicle.  

Our team of paint protection specialists in Glenview have worked on countless Teslas and new electric vehicles.  They have learned and mastered the paint thickness and reactions to our ceramic coatings.  A ceramic coating on your Tesla will increase and continue to help hold value for years to come.

Ceramic coating Tesla vinyl wrap

Teslas have exploded in popularity and many people are looking to stand out with a vinyl wrap color change.  The vinyl will act as a great layer of protection for the paint, but how do we protect the vinyl?

Our Gtechniq HALO and Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl coatings offer incredible gloss, protection and hydrophobics to your Tesla or electric vehicle’s vinyl wrap.


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