PPF and ceramic coatings for Teslas and EVs

With electric vehicles taking over the roads, chances are, you have recently purchased or are considering purchasing a Tesla or EV yourself.  Making sure your new Tesla or electric vehicle is protected with PPF and a ceramic coating is extremely important.  

Check out some of the Tesla’s and electric vehicle’s we have protected with PPF, ceramic coatings and interior ceramic coatings below!

Electric BMW iX

  • Multi-stage paint correction

  • STEK paint protection film on the hood, fenders, front bumper, headlights and mirrors

  • 5 year ceramic coating on all paint

  • Ceramic coating on the wheel faces, barrels and calipers

  • Ceramic coating on all the glass

  • Interior ceramic coating on all leather, vinyl, textiles and plastics
bmw ev ceramic coating for teslas and electric vehicles

This electric vehicle came to us straight from the dealership for a full front PPF and interior / exterior ceramic coating.  Protecting your new electric vehicle or Tesla from rock chips is extremely important,  Our electric vehicle PPF packages will keep your EV looking brand new for life! 

exterior detail, clay bar, polish, buffing

This brand new Polestar 2 is one of the coolest electric vehicles on the market.  Making sure this EV is fully protected from the harsh Chicago weather is extremely important.  We protected this electric Polestar inside and out with a 5 year ceramic coating!

Polestar 2 EV

  • Multi stage paint correction

  • 5 year + ceramic coating on all the paint and trim

  • Ceramic coating on wheel faces, barrels and calipers

  • Ceramic coating on all glass

  • Full interior detail

  • Ceramic coating on full interior

Electric BMW i4

  • Full car STEK matte PPF

  • Gloss black trim STEK gloss PPF

  • 3 year ceramic coating on top of all PPF

  • Ceramic coating on wheel faces

  • Ceramic coating on all glass
BMW electric car full PPF and ceramic coating in Chicago

This all electric BMW i4 came by the shop for a full car STEK PPF installation.  The owner of this EV wanted to make sure the matte blue paint was protected for life!  We installed our STEK DYNOmatte PPF on all the matte blue paint and our STEK DYNOshield PPF on all the gloss black trim.  We also applied a 5 year ceramic coating to this electric vehicle!

Tesla Model 3 vinyl wrap ceramic pro coating, clear bra, tesla ceramic coating, electric vehicle

This Tesla Model 3 came in to protect the beautiful Nardo Grey vinyl wrap!  We applied a 5 year ceramic coating to this Tesla to keep it looking brand new for years to come!

Tesla Model 3

  • Vinyl wrap enhancement

  • 5 year + ceramic coating on vinyl wrap

  • Ceramic coating on wheel faces

  • Ceramic coating on all glass

  • Complete interior detail

Why should you choose a ceramic coating for your Tesla?

When you purchase your brand new Tesla or EV, you might have the urge to keep it locked away so it always looks as good as the day you bought it.  But, what’s the point of buying a new EV and not driving it?  Protecting a new Tesla with a ceramic coating at The Final Detail will keep your electric vehicle looking brand new, all the time!

  • Super hydrophobic
  • Cleaner for longer
  • Extreme gloss
  • Superior barrier of protection
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Marring and scratch resistance
  • UV protection
  • Resistant to water spotting
tesla ceramic coating, tesla ppf
electric vehicle ceramic coating

Make sure to protect your new electric vehicle

Electric vehicles, specifically Teslas, have flooded the streets in the last few years.  It seems like every day we see a new, futuristic looking vehicle on the road, and  chances are you drive a Tesla to work or just got your first electric vehicle.

Although we see these electric vehicles almost everywhere, they aren’t cheap, which is why making sure you maintain the value of your Model X, Model S or Lucid Air is extremely important.  A ceramic coating is a fantastic way to add long term protection, hydrophobics and gloss to your brand new electric vehicle.  

Our team of paint protection specialists in Glenview have worked on countless Teslas and new electric vehicles.  They have learned and mastered the paint thickness and reactions to our ceramic coatings.  A ceramic coating on your Tesla will increase and continue to help hold value for years to come.