Interior Detailing and Odor Removal in Glenview

The Final Detail is Glenview’s #1 Interior Detailing and Smoke odor removal shop.  Located at 2010 Lehigh Ave, Unit B, in Glenview, The Final Detail offers a selection of interior detailing, exterior detailing and odor removal services to bring your vehicle back to life.

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How do we remove carpet and seat stains?

Heavy staining and odors in your vehicle can be difficult to remove without the proper equipment.  Our heated carpet extractors spray hot water and steam into your carpet or seat to break up and help lift up any trapped dirt  and spills.  Our heated carpet shampoo process not only removes stains in the seats and carpets, but also kills germs and trapped odors.

Bring your vehicle by The Final Detail’s interior detailing location in Glenview to get a quote for your vehicle!

Professional Detailing and Odor Removal In Glenview

Smoke Odor Removal Services in Glenview

The Final Detail specializes in disaster detailing and heavy smoke odor removal services in Glenview, Illinois.  Using heated carpet extractors, steam cleaners and professional ozone generators, we are able to remove germs and odors from your vehicle.  The Final Detail is Glenview’s best smoke odor removal and ozone treatment shop.


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What is ozone treatment?

Removing heavy smoke odors from your vehicle can be extremely challenging without the proper equipment.  Ozone generators are a type of air purification system that produces ozone.  So, how does it work?  First, oxygen molecules are broken apart and become single atoms.  They then combine with other single atoms and create ozone.  Since ozone is harmful to living things, your vehicle must be isolated when the ozone treatment is taking place.

With our combination of heated carpet extractors, steam cleaners and professional grade ozone generators, we will have your vehicle looking, feeling and smelling like new in no time!

Interior maintenance detail in Glenview

The Final Detail offers interior maintenance details for your vehicle.  After getting a complete interior detail, we suggest keeping up with bi-weekly maintenance details for the interior and the exterior of your vehicle.  Keeping on top of your vehicle’s cleanliness is extremely important, especially during the Chicago winter months.  Over time, salt stains will build up in your vehicle’s carpets and if left untreated can create more issues and permanent staining down the road. 

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Professional Hand Wash in Glenview

  • Two bucket, swirl free hand wash
  • Brand new towels and mitts with every wash
  • Highest quality soaps and microfibers
  • wheels, wheel wells and door jambs all cleaned
  • windows cleaned and sealant applied
  •  3 month sealant with every wash
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