Professional automotive traffic paint, vehicle overspray and graffiti removal service in Glenview, Illinois

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Professional paint overspray removal in Glenview

The Final Detail offers the #1 overspray and traffic paint removal service in Glenview.

Overspray can be tricky to remove depending on the surface the paint has adhered to.  Our team uses the safest and most efficient chemicals and tools to remove paint overspray and traffic paint from your vehicle’s paint, glass, wheels and plastic surfaces.

What not to do when you have paint overspray on your vehicle

If you love your car as much as we love ours, then you may have the urge to try and remove the overspray yourself.

Using plastic razor blades, credit cards and at home chemicals will result in scratching, swirling and potentially permanent damage to the vehicle’s paint.


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Ram TRX overspray removal project

This 2022 Ram TRX visited The Final Detail in Glenview for overspray removal on the entire vehicle.

The owner tried to paint his plastic wheel arches black with spray paint.  He used masking tape above the wheel arches to try and prevent overspray, but the overspray ended up covering nearly every panel of his vehicle.

Using clay bar, paint safe chemicals and the right tools, we were able to remove all of the overspray from the vehicle’s paint, wheels and glass.   

The #1 emergency overspray and vehicle graffiti removal service in Glenview

The Final Detail is Glenview’s #1 professional paint overspray, traffic paint removal and automotive graffiti removal service in Chicago.