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Motorcycle detailing in Glenview

The Final Detail in Glenview specializes in motorcycle detailing, paint correction and ceramic coatings.  

Whether you need a good detail and correction on your Harley, or a ceramic coating on your brand new Ducati, our team will take care of whatever bike you ride!

Why is it so important to keep your motorcycle clean?

Just like your cars and boats, keeping your motorcycle clean is  extremely important.  Letting dirt, dust, oil and debris build up on your motorcycle not only looks bad, but can actually cause damage to your paint work and plastics, lowering the resale value of your bike.

If you maintain your bike keep your motorcycle clean regularly, it will make the cleaning process a breeze! 

Ceramic coating for your motorcycle

Just like your car, protecting your motorcycles paint, wheels, suspension and plastics with a ceramic coating is extremely important to keep your motorcycle looking brand new.

Having a ceramic coating on your motorcycle helps keep your bike cleaner for longer and makes washing bugs and dirt away fast and easy! 

motorcycle paint correction, motorcycle ceramic pro
motorcycle ceramic pro, motorcycle detailing chicago

Paint corrections and enhancements

If you are anything like us, your motorcycle is your pride and joy!  Keeping your motorcycle looking it’s absolute best is extremely important to us!

A multi stage paint correction or enhancement could be just what your motorcycle needs to look its absolute best!

Even brand new motorcycles have scratching, swirling and marring from the delivery process.  While that may seem crazy, as it is BRAND NEW, just think about how many people have sat on and touched that bike, as well as all the delivery plastic that gets dragged across the beautiful new paint.  All before you even take delivery of your new bike!

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